NSFTA Certification


26.1 A Certification Board of six Certified Members of the Association and the 1st Vice President shall be responsible to the Association for the certification of the members. Two members will be appointed, at the annual general meeting, to this committee each year for a three-year term. The 1st Vice President of the Association will be the only member of the Executive eligible to be a member of this Board and will be the Chair for this Board. The Chair of the Board will be responsible for all Board correspondence. (This by-law will be in effect starting at the 1999 annual general meeting.) (Amended 1999)

26.2 The NSFTA Certification Board has the authority to:

         (a) Maintain existing certification requirements.

         (b) Recommend the necessary changes in the certification procedure to the Association for approval at an annual general meeting.

         (c) Review and evaluate applications.

         (d) Grant or refuse certification.

26.3 The Certification Board shall meet four times per year (or as required) to review applications for certification.

26.4 Candidates who are refused by the Board may appeal to the President of the Association in writing. Appeals must be made within fourteen (14) days of receipt of a refusal. The Executive will review the refusal and notify the candidate of their decision within thirty (30) days of receipt of the appeal.

26.5 A member not meeting the required standard of the examination and for just reason feels that he/she was improperly assessed, may, in writing within one week of notification, request a re-mark of the examination, upon payment of a fee of $50.00. If the Board is found in error, the fee will be refunded, otherwise the fee will be forfeited.

26.6 Four members of the Certification Board Plus the Vice President will constitute a Quorum.


Repealed December 31, 1998


28.1 The objective of certification of NSFTA members is to recognize and validate experience, education, and competency of those members practising acceptable forestry in Nova Scotia.

28.2 To become a Certified Member of the NSFTA, the applicant must be a graduate of a forest technician/technologist school recognized by the NSFTA. Upon acceptance, the new member will receive and become familiar with the NSFTA Code of Ethics, and shall signify with their signature, receipt an undertaking to comply with the requirements as spelled out in the Code of Ethics.

28.3 To become a Certified Member of the NSFTA, the NSFTA member or applicant must have:

          (a) Thirty-six months acceptable post graduation, forestry experience.

          (b) Letters of recommendation from two Certified Members of this Association.

          (c) Pay the examination fee of $35.00.

          (d) Pass an examination based upon pertinent Acts and Regulations of Nova Scotia and the NSFTA Code of Ethics.

28.4 Examinations for certification will be written the third week in April and the third week in October, beginning in 1999.

28.5 A candidate who fails may write the examination each time it is offered within a 12 month period.

28.6 If a candidate fails twice, he/she must take a Continuing Forestry Education course (s) before writing one last time.

28.7 Candidates can be requested to take an oral examination.

28.8 The Association will provide the candidate with copies of the sections of the pertinent Acts and Regulations and the NSFTA Code of Ethics at cost.

28.9 Upon Certification the member will:

          (a) Be given a personal registration number.

          (b) Receive a certificate (to be awarded during the subsequent annual general meeting).

          (c) Be entitled to use the words Certified Forest Technician and /or the letters CFT after his/her name.

          (d) Be permitted to acquire a standard stamp/seal from the NSFTA bearing the members name and Association registration number. This stamp/seal remains the property of the NSFTA.

28.10 Three members of the Certification Board will mark and grade each examination.

28.11 Candidates must receive a minimum of 75% to pass the examination.

For Certification documents, email nsfta@nsfta.ca

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