Downey Thompson

Nova Scotia Forestry Hall of Fame - Downey Thompson

Inducted in 2012

Downey Thompson started his career with Elmsdale Lumber Company at the age of 15 and quickly advanced to be an integral member of the management team. As Senior Woodland Consultant for ELCO he has provided, from his 65 years of experience, valuable direction for advancement of sustainable forestry practices on all land tenures in Nova Scotia. Downey has been a long time member of the Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia serving as President from 2001-2003. He has been a keen supporter of the Canadian Woodlands Forum’s Teachers Tour recognizing the future of forestry can be advanced through education of the next generation. Downey has worked tirelessly on a variety of organizations including the Nova Forest Alliance, the Wood Products Association of Nova Scotia, the Maritime Lumber Bureau, the Halifax Regional Municipality Development Strategies Committee, and has been actively involved with management strategies in the Pockwock Watershed. Downey Thompson is a forest visionary and has generously devoted his career to providing knowledge and experience to the next generation of stewards of Nova Scotia’s forest.

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