Russel McNally

Nova Scotia Forestry Hall of Fame - Russel McNally

Inducted in 2005

Graduated from the Maritime Forest Ranger School in 1968. During his 25 year career with the Department of Natural Resources, Russel supervised, implemented and assisted in the planning of forest research programs designed to improve the growth and yield of Nova Scotia’s forests. As part of this work he was responsible for developing computer software for yield tables, growth models and timber cruising. Russel was an excellent communicator who had the ability to transfer technical research to the person in the field. He was instrumental in compiling the first Forestry Field Handbook which is now part of the curriculum at the MFRS. Russel was the 1996 recipient of the Graduate Forest Technicians Award, issued by the Council of Eastern Forest Technicians Schools, in recognition of his accomplishments and contribution to the field of forestry and public education.

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