Our Mandate

The Nova Scotia Forest Technicians Association objectives are:

  • To elevate the image of the Nova Scotia Forest Technicians in the eyes of the government, industry and the public in general.
  • To foster high standards of efficiency.
  • To promote the common interests of all Nova Scotia Forest Technicians
  • To promote to the fullest the conservation of our forest, our fish, our wildlife.
  • To cooperate as much as possible with all associations with similar interests.
  • To promote esprit-de-corps wherever we may be employed.
  • To evaluate the qualification (academic and experience) of graduate technicians/technologists who apply for certified membership in our Association and issue accreditation with respect thereto.
  • To promote and assist in the continuing education of Forest/Wildlife Technicians and foster high standards.
  • Maintain and promote the NSFTA Code of Ethics.